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Welcome to the Nile Basin Society

The Nile Basin Society (NBS) is a Canadian membership-based non profit organization independent (organizationally and financially) from both the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), and the Nile Basin Discourse (NBD).

We aim at real involvement of true relevant NGOs in the Nile Basin Initiative that is driven by the NGOs and not by the NBI donors/countries. Real involvement that include participation from project planning to project evaluation/monitoring and not just as 'implementers".

The NBS welcomes the Khartoum Declaration of the Nile Basin Discourse particularly for its call for wider public participation, NGO and communities involvement in the NBI process. We hope that the NBI and the funding agencies would adopt the recommendations.

We are delighted by the decision of the African Development Bank investigative independent unit (known as CRMU) in accepting the request of 5 international NGOs to investigate Ethiopia's Gibe 3 Dam on the Omo River that was proposed for funding. According to International Rivers - one of the 5 organizations -"This second claim was accepted despite Bank rules that requesters must be directly affected. Ethiopian civil society groups and communities directly in the path of the dams have been unable to voice their concerns due to fear of retaliation from the government. By accepting the international complaint, the CRMU has implicitly acknowledged that affected people don't have the possibility to raise concerns about the project, which makes any consultation exercise meaningless."

We hope for the same reasons that the NBD process expands to include international organization - as was first planned - to ensure real involvement for the benefits of the Nile Basin.

The NBS online membership form is active. Membership is free for Nile Basin citizens and organization as well as Canadian citizens. As of November 12th, 2009, our members are 171 in number.

easterly view of Nile from space shuttle discovery July 2008 Easterly view of Nile from space shuttle discovery July 2008