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The Nile Basin Society is a membership-based organization that relies heavily on volunteerism, for the obvious reason that it is not yet funded. There are several ways that you can help us achieve our mission and goals:
  • Becoming an active member: By active we mean that you:
    1. Share information, opinions and news with all other members through the discussion forum or the blog.
    2. Participate actively in the Annual General Meetings
    3. Share the services provided by the NBS to other Nile Basin organizations.
    4. Pay your membership dues regularly if not a Nile Basin or Canadian citizen.
    5. Donate to the Nile Basin Society, if you can.
  • Seeking nomination to the board of directors or encourage other active persons to nominate themselves. Please carefully read what is expected of NBS board member and the duties of the position.
  • Encouraging other Nile Basin organizations to co-host their sites with the Nile Basin Society. This enable us to share the cost of hosting as well as provide free hosting services to serious NGOs that cannot afford it.
  • Volunteering with the Nile Basin Society.
  • Advertising with the Nile Basin Society or sponsoring one of its newsletters.
  • Donating to the Nile Basin Society by clicking on the Donate button at the end of all pages.