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Types of membership:

  • Organizational Membership (Affiliate): For international, regional and local NGOs, funding agencies, media and businesses that share the NBS mission, objectives and transparency. Affiliation is a 2-way process, i.e. NBS is actively looking for affiliates who share and contribute to its mission as well as accepting affiliation requests from other likely-minded entities. Affiliate membership is free for Canadian and Nile Basin organizations and for International organizations with Nile Basin presence. Other affiliates will be required to pay a Can $100/year subscription fee. Affiliates will be listed on NBS web sites (togther with logo and link). Affiliate representatives must fill the individual membership form. However, their 'representative' status can be changed by the appropriate authorities in their organization. Affiliates are represented in the NBS Board of Directors (on request) as observers and may have voting rights if engaged in NBS activities/finances. Affiliation requests must be approved by the NBS Board of Directors upon receipt of required documents./li>
  • Individual Membership: The Nile Basin Society is an open membership organization that derives its force from its members. Individual membership is open to all interested in Nile Basin Society objectives, with no other conditions. Individual membership - unlike organizational affiliation - is automatically approved. We encourage Nile Basin and Canadian citizens/residents to become members and actively share in steering the affairs/directions of the Nile Basin Society.

Members have the following rights:

  • Vote in Annual General Meetings (AGM) of the membership (usually in January).
  • Propose motions for discussion by the GM. If seconded, they will be voted on.
  • Self-nomination (or nomination of others) to the elected positions when declared vacant.
  • Access to the organization's membership base through electronic means.
  • Access to, critical examination of and approval/disapproval of the annual financial statement submitted to the GM.
  • Question and make suggestions to board members.
  • Represent the NBS in local, national and international meetings/conferences with prior coordination with the Chief Elected Officer (CEO) and/or the Secretary General (SG) and in accordance with the mission and goals of the NBS.
  • Writing funding proposals for projects and seeking funding in coordiantion with the CEO and/or SG.
  • Contacting media (local, national and international) to spread the NBS mission.
  • Propose and form local chapters of the NBS in their country of residence. These chapters, while maintaing financial and administrative autonomy, must adhere to the NBS mission and goals and be public-membership, democratic, accountable and transparent. They will act in coordination with the NBS, Canada and with help in providing electronic tools (website, mailing list, discussion board, etc.).

Members have the following obligations/duties:

  • Support the NBS mission and goals by any means available. In particular, the member will uphold the collective regional best interests above any national or political interest.
  • Treat other NBS members with respect regardless of ethnic origin, religion, gender or political orientation.
  • Keep the chosen communication channels open with the NBS, usually e-mail, and update personal information regularly particularly e-mail address. Blocking of or repeated failure to respond to e-mail from the NBS will subject the member to suspension.
  • Keep updated on the various issues affecting the Nile Basin and its different countries (local, regional and international) and keep other members updated by reading of and posting to the NBS discussion forum under the member's topics of interest/experience.
  • Be an active agent of change for the better (inside and outside the NBS).

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